Traffic Management

FSM’s traffic management stack support two distinct traffic policy modes, namely SMI traffic policy mode and permissive traffic policy mode. The traffic policy mode determines how FSM routes application traffic between pods within the service mesh. Additionally, ingress and egress functionality allows external access to and from the cluster respectively.

Permissive Mode

Permissive Traffic Policy Mode

Traffic Redirection

In service mesh, iptables and eBPF are two common ways of intercepting traffic.

Traffic Splitting

Traffic splitting using SMI Traffic Split API

Circuit Breaking

Using Circuit breaking to limit connections and requests


Impelmenting Retry to handle transient failures

Rate Limiting

Using circuit breaking to control the throughput of traffic


Using Ingress to manage external access to services within the cluster


Enable access to the Internet and services external to the service mesh.

Multi-cluster services

Multi-cluster services communication using Flomesh Service Mesh (FSM)


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