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Networking API Reference

Networking API reference documentation

1 - Networking v1 API Reference

Networking v1 API reference documentation.


Package v1 is the v1 version of the API.

Resource Types:

    AlgoBalancer (string alias)

    AlgoBalancer defines Balancer Algo


    IngressClass represents the class of the Ingress, referenced by the Ingress Spec.

    Kubernetes meta/v1.ObjectMeta

    Standard object’s metadata. More info:

    Refer to the Kubernetes API documentation for the fields of the metadata field.
    Kubernetes networking/v1.IngressClassSpec

    Spec is the desired state of the IngressClass. More info:


    Controller refers to the name of the controller that should handle this class. This allows for different “flavors” that are controlled by the same controller. For example, you may have different Parameters for the same implementing controller. This should be specified as a domain-prefixed path no more than 250 characters in length, e.g. “”. This field is immutable.

    Kubernetes networking/v1.IngressClassParametersReference

    Parameters is a link to a custom resource containing additional configuration for the controller. This is optional if the controller does not require extra parameters.

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